Ceramic Care

How do I clean my piece? Is it dishwasher safe?

Callahan pieces are dishwasher safe in the top rack ONLY. However, we recommend hand-washing your item with a non-abrasive sponge to prolong the life of your piece.

Is my piece microwave safe?

Any piece that DOES NOT have gold, silver, or metallic finishes is microwave safe.

For example, our Golden Hour & Midnight Mercury items are NOT microwave safe.

How do I prevent cracking?

When filing a cold ceramic piece with boiling liquid or extremely hot liquid, we recommend warming up the vessel beforehand. This can be done under a warm faucet & it will help prevent any shock or cracking happening to the ceramic piece.

My piece feels a bit rough, can I smooth it somehow?

We try our best to get everything sanded before it leaves our studio, but sometimes we miss some spots! We suggest using a fine sandpaper on your item to smooth the rough clay a bit! You'll know its finished when your mug, bowl, etc. feels like a river stone. 😊

Do not sand parts of the mug that have satin glaze, glossy glaze, or gold/silver luster.

Pipe & Chillum Care

How do I clean my pipe/chillum?

Callahan pipes can be cleaned similarly to a glass pipe. We recommend soaking your pipe overnight in alcohol or another cleaning solution. This should loosen any build up and make cleaning a breeze.

We do not advise scrubbing on the exterior, matte surface as it could scratch the coloring.