Meet Split Pea

our 2022 color of the year

Quicktrip Mug

The quicktrip is our 8oz mug. Perfect for that morning cappuccino, a sampler of vino, or some juice for your little one.


Everyday Mug

Your new favorite mug. Designed with the everyday in mind, our 12oz is sure to be first on your shelf.


Nightshift Mug

18oz of goodness to either get you through the day - or help you end on a high note.



Everyone loves a good travel buddy, and our Roadie is destined to be your new best friend. Designed to fit perfectly in your cup holder, and made double walled to keep your coffee hot without burning your hands.


Breakfast Bowl

Perfect for those mornings when you're craving a little crunch. Best served with your favorite cereal, some ice cold milk, and those saturday morning cartoons.


Pasta Bowl

♫ When the moon hits your eyes, like a big bowl of pasta, it's amore ♫ I think you get the idea.


Snack Plate

Whether it's charcuterie treats or goodies for your little one, our snack plate is the perfect size to get you through.


Brunch Plate

Breakfast or Lunch? Brunch! Named after everyone's favorite meal, the Brunch Plate gives you the best of both worlds. Not too big, and not too small, but juuuuuuuuuuuuust right.


Supper Plate

Everyone loves a big 'ole plate for supper time. Whether it's to fill with as many goodies as possible, or to make sure your foods don't mix, this plate is what you'll want for any family dinner.


Coming Soon!

Portal Goods
Fort Collins, Colorado

Our very own Brick and Mortar where you can come and shop in person!

Hoping to launch by the end of October :)