The Crew

Here at Callahan Co., quality is of the utmost importance. That is why our team is made up of the highest quality individuals. They work hard to make sure that everything we do is brought about with love and precision. From Cal's initial idea to your package arriving safely, these folks are what make our gears turn daily.


Owner, founder, boss man. Callahan is the visionary and the face of Callahan Co. Heck- the company is named after him. On the off chance that he's seen outside the studio, you can usually find him listening to Taylor Swift, hanging out with his pups, and trying out pastry shops.


Studio mom, Cal's actual mom, shipping rep, and SO much more. Marie has legit been with Callahan Co. since the fact, maybe it's because of her that the company even exists. 🤔 While Marie loves helping out in the studio, her true passion is hitting the road with her RV and exploring new places.


The wearer of many hats, Alaya has been with the company since its inception. She is the one who takes Callahan's vision and communicates it with you all. See a reel or photo you like on Insta? Yep, she made it. Catch Alaya working on her watercolors or playing a game of pickleball in her spare time!


Mushrooms lover, Mountaineer, and a constant voice of reason. Jacky is a part of our production team, but spends most of her time casting and cleaning your wares. She is the ultimate cool gal, and brings an air of mystery to the studio. Find Jacky chilling in the mountains or on a bike ride during her days off.


Ceramicist, talented human, and pun master. Cricket works on our production team, which means she worked on your piece at any point of the process....while spitting jokes the entire time. Out of the studio, Cricket enjoys baking, working on her ceramics, and spending Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market.


Graphic designer, web developer, and hair-changing fanatic. Rach has been with the crew for almost a year, and she does all the behind-the-scenes designy stuff for the website. You can find Rachael hitting the slopes, drinking an almond milk latte, or working on a new painting in her free time.


Badass ceramicist & overall cool gal. Sabrina is the newest addition to the crew, and we are so stoked she joined. Sabrina spends her days in the studio throwing special items like teapots, pet bowls, and vases. When she's not helping Cal bring his vision to life, you can find her making items for her business.

Where it all Began...

Callahan Co. began as a one-man show based in a mother's garage. What started as a hobby, Callahan Co. expanded when social media picked up on the work, and it has been growing as a brand ever since. Though the vision has changed as of late, the goal remains the same: to handcraft goods for everyone with the intention of bringing art to everyday life. We hope that you like what you see, and have fun exploring our products!


Portal Goods
Fort Collins, Colorado

That's right! We will be opening our very own brick and mortar! Stay tuned for opening details...