Wholesale Information


Wholesale will be launching in 2021! If you are interested in selling Callahan items in your shop, feel free to fill out the form below and I will have your info ahead of time. More news to come!


Are you accepting new wholesale accounts?

Starting in Spring 2021 we will start accepting new wholesale orders!

How do I submit an order?

Fill out the form below with your inquiry and we will get back to you with more info!

Are only certain designs available for wholesale?

In an effort to diversify the market, Callahan wholesale orders will all be unique. We will work with your shop/brand directly to create colorways/designs that fit your style. This way we are not selling the same exact pieces as you see on our site.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

Yes, for most accounts the first minimum order is 50 items or more. Reorders are 30+ items. If you are interested in less than 50 items, please reach out and we’ll see what we can work out:)

What is the turnaround time for wholesale orders?

Most orders can expect items to be shipped within 3-4 weeks, but that may differ slightly depending on the time of year and the order size. 

Do you accept international wholesale orders?

Yes. Keep in mind, any international taxes/duties/fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Are all accounts accepted?

Unfortunately due to demand and time needed to produce the work we cannot accept every new account. There will be a waitlist created once all wholesale spots are filled. Please fill out the submission form below and we’ll get back to you!

Wholesale Inquiry